Ariana - Newborn

Brendan and Christine's baby has finally arrived!... Love the name. What a sweet little one week old, smiley too!

Tender Shoots Photography New Born Shoot

Tender Shoots Photography New Born Shoot


 Ariana newborn shoot

Gavin - Newborn


Tender Shoots newborn photography


This long lashed, handsome guy has undoubtedly captured the hearts of his new parents! Looking at the moments captured with this new family, I remember there is nothing quite like snuggling the warm velvet skin of your sacred little bundle of joy...


Tender Shoots newborn photography




Noah - 1st Birthday cake smash

Little Noah had lots of cute expressions as he licked his icing, though he wasn't super interested in digging into the cake!

1st Birthday cake smash by Tender Shoots Photography

 Loved the fondant candle though!

Cake smash by Tender Shoots Photography

mother & daughter

When my brother got married I experienced having a sister in our Byzitter family for the first time. This is the beautiful person that is my sister-in-law.

Now a baby girl will enter our family soon! It's been boy after boy since I was born (for a long time)... Can't wait to meet her and see her showered with love by us all!




There were two sets of mother and daughters here, as Kristy's mom (a wonderful woman that we gladly welcome here when she comes for a visit all the way from Egypt!) joined her for some of the shots, and is awaiting this baby with very eager anticipation as well!


Kristy's maternity shoot by Tender Shoots Photography