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Tender Shoot family photography
  I love the wonder of a preschooler exploring the world. There was a lot of dandelion delight on this Spring day with this lovely family, soon to be 5 in June!
Cloverdale family photographer


welcome Spring!

I love doing shoots here practically just in our backyard, especially in the Spring. I always enjoy seeing the outdoors through the eyes of a little one. She just wouldn't stop giggling with delight at grass tickling her feet and colourful dandelions!
Tendershoots photography
Tendershoots photography
Tendershoots photography

maternity shoot

Stole some great snaps  of this beautiful Mommy and big sister-to-be (who just wasn't interested in getting her picture taken at all!)... I just love that 18 mos to 3 year-old stage - you have to be quick to snag shots of them, but they are just TOO cute!

Then came her new baby sister (just had to include a few of these they go together so well), what a doll! :) She challenged me by not wanting to lie on her tummy, but we still got some wonderful poses that I just love, and will be posting more!

Tender Shoots maternity and newborn photography

I love my job!


What a joy to do this photoshoot for a couple we photographed exchanging vows not too long ago. You make a beautiful family!

Tender Shoots newborn photography Tender Shoots newborn photography