Flowers and Monsters




Such beautiful handmade products that I photographed the other day. A wonderful mom of three makes these hats, scarves, boot cuffs, fingerless gloves and accessories that are perfect for the Winter weather we're coming into. You can order online at



 Tender Shoots Photography

Tender Shoots PhotographyTender Shoots product photography Tender Shoots Photography


Happy Thanksgiving!




Life is such a gift! There is much to be thankful for...


And to the Leslie family, I have no doubt you will have a wonderful time celebrating your first Thanksgiving with your sweet little pumpkin!

Tender Shoots Newborn Photography Tender Shoots Newborn PhotographyThese shots are for soccer coach Daddy...

Tender Shoots Newborn Photography

Mary - Newborn



Wow, this family with a house very full of boys now has a girl! I might just have more photos to come with all these brothers! What a delight to photograph - the tiniest newborn I've ever had the honour of photographing! And what adorable expressions.

Tender Shoots NewbornTender Shoots Newborn

7 months and cute as a button

A very photogenic age, smiley and roly-poly, sitting or propped up in crawling position. It's really special to photograph returning clients, seeing them in different stages in life, and I got to photograph her momma's belly in pregnancy and her newborn photos.

Tender Shoots baby photography

twins M & E

These twin newborns make of family of 6, with four daughters now, all under the age of 4! What a lovely (and calm!) family too :) ... It's hard to tell at first, but they are likely fraternal rather than identical twins their parents say. They do have unique features, so their parents can tell them apart by their hair colour, size, and even a birthmark! They seem to have a great bond with each other already, posing so sweetly together! 



Newborn Twins Photography