1st birthdays & cake smashes

Cake Smash for Baby M!

Happy Birthday to this delightful little one year old! I just love all the smiles and expressions she had for the camera!
Tender Shoots Cake Smash PhotographyTender Shoots Cake Smash Photography

J Turns One!

Tender Shoots Photography
I had the honor of photographing him as a newborn and now he is one year old! This adorable Birthday boy was all smiles as he had a picnic with his favorite stuffies.
Tender Shoots Photography Cake SmashTender Shoots Photography Cake Smash

Jared's 1st Birthday cake smash

What a cutie! Jared was a little tentative, but made an adorable photo shoot nonetheless. Hope his big bro and sis enjoy the pics (they were super excited about their baby brother smashing a cake)!


Jared's cake smash

Cloverdale cake smash



my dear little one year old

Tender Shoots Cake Smash Photography

I finally got around to putting up a few more of the fun shoot we did as we celebrated our baby boy's Birthday! He's been running around for a couple months now, so the park suited him perfectly, and he happily dug into the big chocolate cake with whipped coconut cream (sugar-free!) that mommy spent all day making for him. This boy has no problem with getting messy and loves shoving anything within sight in his mouth (not something I'm especially fond of on most days) and so this was definitely his idea of a good time! Tender Shoots Photography