Happy Mother’s Day!

Spontaneous shoots are fun (and this was!). My hubby worked hard with his tripod capturing our family in a beloved area by our home,

catching the last rays of this amazing Spring sunshine!


Tender Shoots family photography
Tender Shoots family photography
Tender Shoots family photography
Tender Shoots family photography


S family


Tender Shoot family photography

I love the wonder of a preschooler exploring the world. There was a lot of dandelion delight on this Spring day with this lovely family, soon to be 5 in June!

Cloverdale family photographer

welcome Spring!

I love doing shoots here practically just in our backyard, especially in the Spring. I always enjoy seeing the outdoors through the eyes of a little one. She just wouldn’t stop giggling with delight at grass tickling her feet and colourful dandelions!

Tendershoots photography
Tendershoots photography
Tendershoots photography

Maternity Studio Session

My first choice is usually the great outdoors, but studio sessions with controlled light can be dramatic and beautiful too.  Toddlers are always entertaining and adorable, and this little one kept us entertained! I can’t wait to see them again with a little sister for her!

Tender Shoots maternity and newborn photography

…And the little cutie this big sister was so excited about!


What a joy to do this photoshoot for a couple we photographed exchanging vows not too long ago. You make a beautiful family!

Tender Shoots newborn photography Tender Shoots newborn photography


Was a wonderful experience with this dearly loved little newborn, his big sister and parents. Very sweet!


Tender Shoots Newborn Photography


my dear little one year old

Tender Shoots Cake Smash Photography

I finally got around to putting up a few more of the fun shoot we did as we celebrated our baby boy’s Birthday! He’s been running around for a couple months now, so the park suited him perfectly, and he happily dug into the big chocolate cake with whipped coconut cream (sugar-free!) that mommy spent all day making for him. This boy has no problem with getting messy and loves shoving anything within sight in his mouth (not something I’m especially fond of on most days) and so this was definitely his idea of a good time! Tender Shoots Photography